About Us

County Kandava, craftsmen society “Pūralāde” established on 8th of November 2009. Gathering 25 craftsmen from Kandava. The aim was to make our life more colourful and interesting and to make Kandava more beautiful, as it is famous, as a town of art and culture. We organise art classes, where art and craft can be learned. Around C.O Kandava you can find a lot of gifted and talented people.

Every year comes with new ideas, craftsmen are changing, someone leaves and somebody new comes with new talents and fresh ideas. At the end of each year,our tradition states, to show off our products and art to society.

In the first few years, it was exhibits, but since year 2012 it’s Christmas market, which is very popular. Inspired by the interest of our markets, it was decided to open an art and craft shop,which could be opened all year round.

In October 2018,we opened doors to our cosy and colourful shop “Pūralāde”,which takes place in the heart of Kandava. Where you can purchase home made snacks, handicrafts, paintings, drawings, books and much more.Made by local people and people all-round the Latvia.